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Content Browser for Houdini


The Wormhole Content Browser is a custom UI for Houdini that enables quick browsing, previewing, and importing of content into Houdini.

Note: This tool is in development, but the functionality currently provided is complete. I am offering this version for free to get people to bang on it a bit. I will continue to fix bugs and make limited improvements to this version. I am planning on adding more features like improving workflow interactions with Houdini, and tools to search through content in a future version that may not be free.

System Requirements

Wormhole Content Browser is compatible with Houdini 17.5, 18.0, and 18.5 (both Python 2.7 and 3 versions) on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Earlier versions might still work but have not been well tested and are not supported.

Basic Usage

There are two ways to access the Content Browser. The first is to create the Content Browser pane using the pane type menu.

1. Click on the New Tab button (+ in the tab area)

2. Select New Pane Tab Type->Wormhole Content Browser.

This will create a new pane tab with the Content Browser visible. This pane works just like any other in Houdini, so it can be moved around, torn off into a separate window, or saved in a desktop.

The second way to use the Content Browser is through context sensitive parameter menus. For example, right click on Geometry File in a File SOP and Load from Content Browser... should be available for you to use the browser to select geometry.

Known issues

1. The disk cache database has problems when opened in different Houdini versions. Content browser 0.5.0 introduces an experimental new disk cache implementation to help address this, although it is more for preview and testing at this point. 

2. Files and directories are sometimes sorted incorrectly on Linux.

For more information see the README.md file included with the distribution.


For comments, concerns, questions, support, please email support@wormholetools.com.


This version of Wormhole Content Browser is available free of charge with a fair license.

See license.txt with the distribution for details.

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Content Browser for Houdini

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